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Fig. 7

From: DPF is a cell-density sensing factor, with cell-autonomous and non-autonomous functions during Dictyostelium growth and development

Fig. 7

Gain-of-function studies of WT cells expressing high levels of DPF. a Log phase growing WT or DPFOE cells were plated under-buffer at indicated cell densities for 24 h using fresh, naïve DB media. Relative aggregation efficiencies are indicated. b WT and DPFOE, DPF-OE cells were grown to various cell densities in growth media and then identically starved as indicated. Cell lysates were prepared from cells at indicated times and immunoblotted to α-Discoidin 1, α-CAR1, and α-actin. c Time-course quantification of WT or DPFOE cell migration to various doses of cAMP. Relative chemotaxis is normalized to WT cells at 500 nM cAMP at 4 h. Standard deviations are shown based upon three replicates

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