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Table 1 Factors contributing to the variation in intestinal mucosa-associated microbiota

From: Maternal milk and fecal microbes guide the spatiotemporal development of mucosa-associated microbiota and barrier function in the porcine neonatal gut

ItemsWeighted UniFracUnweighted UniFracBray-Curtis
R2P value*R2P value*R2P value*
Intestinal segment0.357< 0.0010.108< 0.0010.229< 0.001
Age0.136< 0.0010.110< 0.0010.123< 0.001
Weaning0.019< 0.0010.032< 0.0010.021< 0.001
Breed0.0060.0640.011< 0.0010.012< 0.001
  1. *PERMANOVA was performed, and P values in italics represent statistical significance (P < 0.05)