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Table 1 Statistics and resources

From: The round goby genome provides insights into mechanisms that may facilitate biological invasions

 Number of contigs1364
 Total genome length (bp)1,003,738,563
 Longest contig (bp)19,396,355
 Smallest contig (bp)21,178
 N50 contig length (bp)2,817,412
 Number of genes38,773
 Genomic repeat content (%)47
 G + C (%)41.60
 LTR retrotransposons (%)4.9–11.2
 Eukaryote BUSCOs (n = 303)Complete 86.1%, single-copy 82.8%, duplicated 3.3%, fragmented 4.6%, missing 9.3%
 Actinopterygian BUSCOs (n = 4584)Complete 85.4%, single-copy 82.0%, duplicated 3.4%, fragmented 8.2%, missing 6.4%
AccessionNCBI BioProject PRJNA549924
Accession VHKM00000000 [60]
Sequence data available in SRA
 RNA (Wellband & Heath 2017)Liver transcriptome
NCBI BioProject PRJNA321539 [61]
 RNA (Adrian-Kalchhauser 2018)Embryonic transcriptome (1–32 cell stages) from 16 clutches
NCBI BioProject PRJNA547711 [62]
 DNAme (Somerville 2019)Brain DNA methylation data from 15 males
NCBI BioProject PRJNA515617 [63]
 RADseq (this study)RAD Seq data from 120 individuals
NCBI BioProject PRJNA547536 [63]
 ATACseq (ongoing unpublished study headed by IAK)ATAC Seq data of liver and brain from 50 individuals
NCBI BioProject PRJNA551348 [64]
  1. Key figures of the round goby genome assembly including annotation statistics and available short-read resources