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Table 2 Cell-type-specific editing of individual sites. The individual sites which were found to be edited to different extent in cells positive for different markers

From: Spatiotemporal mapping of RNA editing in the developing mouse brain using in situ sequencing reveals regional and cell-type-specific regulation

Developmental stage Edited site p (Dunn-Sidak) Editing level
High Low
P0 Gluk2 Y/C 0.028 Nrn1 Gfap
P7 Cacna1d I/M 0.0135 Nrn1 Gfap
Cacna1d I/M 0.0087 Pvalb Gfap
Gluk2 I/V 0.0039 Pvalb Gfap
Adult Cacna1d I/M 0.049 Nrn1 Gfap
Kcna1 I/V 0.021 Pvalb Plp1
Tmem63b Q/R 0.039 Cck Gfap
Tmem63b Q/R 0.0033 Pvalb Gfap
Tmem63b Q/R 0.012 Pvalb Plp1