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Table 1 Genes upregulated at the ribosomal footprint level by at least 30% in Disomic 2 strains

From: Aneuploidy-induced proteotoxic stress can be effectively tolerated without dosage compensation, genetic mutations, or stress responses

Ribosome homeostasis ACL4, ARB1, ARX1, BMT5, BRX1, CBF5, DBP10, DBP7, DBP8, DHR2, DRS1, ECM1, EMG1, ESF1, GAR1, GRC3, HAS1, HPM1, IMP3, IPI3, JIP5, KRR1, LOC1, LSG1, MAK11, MAK16, MRT4, NIP7, NOP12, NOP2, NOP4, NSR1, POP5, PUF4, PWP1, RIX1, RIX7, RLP24, RMT2, RPF2, RPL15A, RPL1A, RPL1B, RPL24A, RPL24B, RPL3, RPL8B, RPL9A, RPL9B, RPS22A, RPS5, RPS8B, RRB1, RRP17, SAC3, SFM1, SPB1, SRP40, STM1, TMA19, UTP11, UTP14, UTP23, UTP30, UTP5, UTP9
Protein degradation/quality control CDC26, CIC1, CUZ1, ECM29, NAS6, PRE1, PRE10, PRE2, PRE4, PRE9, RPN1, RPN4, RPN5, RPN8, RPT3, RPT4, RPT5, SCL1, SMT3, TMC1
Protein folding/chaperones CCT4, CCT7, HCH1, HSP10, PPT1, SSA2, SSZ1
Trafficking ARF1, GET3, HOT13, HSV2, MLP1, MYO4, NTF2, NUP100, NUP49, PEX4, RET3, SEC22, SEC72, SRM1, SRP21, TOM7, YKT6, YPT31
Metabolism AAT1, ACS1, ALD6, ARO10, ASP1, CAB5, CAR1, CAT5, COX7, DFR1, DPH2, ECT1, ERG13, ERG9, FAU1, GEP4, GIP4, GUA1, GUK1, MRI1, NPY1, PDC1, PDC5, PRS1, PRS3, PRS5, SAH1, SES1, SFA1, SOL3, SPE3, SUT2, TDA9, URA5, YHR020W, YJU3
Transcription, translation CDC33, DEF1, GCD1, HYP2, NET1, PDP3, RPA34, RPA49, RPB7, RPB8, RPC31, RPC40, SLF1, SUP35, TEF1, TFA1, TIF2, TIF5, TOA1, ZPR1
DNA and RNA processing CWC2, GCD10, HRP1, LHP1, LSM12, LSM5, NAM8, PAB1, PAN3, PRP16, PRP19, PRP8, RRP42, RRP43, RSE1, SEN34, SET1, SNU23, SUB2, SWD1, SWM2, TAD2, TRM11, TRM12, TRM2, TRM8
Chromosome organization/DNA replication and repair AHC2, CBF2, DSN1, FPR4, GSP1, MAG1, NSE1, PAA1, POL31, RSC4, RTT107, SGS1, TAH11, TRA1
Cell cycle/signaling BUD2, CCR4, CKA2, CLG1, CLN3, DMA1, HST2, KIN3, KSP1, LTE1, MAD1, NAT5, SCH9, TOS3, TPD3
Redox homeostasis AHP1, GRX3, HMX1, LOT6, MRS4, TAH18, TSA1, YAP1
Others EMW1, LRE1, OCA5, PTP2, YPD1
Putative/unknown function AIM29, ANR2, ECL1, GDS1, NRP1, PMU1, RRT14, UBP5, VPS63, YCR043C, YDR222W, YEL068C, YHR138C, YKR011C, YNL010W, YSC83
  1. The 251 genes are manually curated into functional classes (bold) according to the summaries of their biological functions as described in the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD). Genes residing on the common duplicated chromosome II were not included in the analysis