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Table 1 Representative assembly metrics for sequenced Galliform genomes

From: The quail genome: insights into social behaviour, seasonal biology and infectious disease response

Common nameAssembled versionN50 contig (Mb)N50 scaffold (Mb)Total assembly size (Gb)Assembled chromosomes
Japanese quailCoturnix japonica 2.00.5113.00.9333
Japanese quailWu et al. PMID: 297626630.0271.80.9030
ChickenGallus gallus 5.02.8956.31.2034
Scaled quailASM221830v10.1541.01.01NA
Northern bobwhiteASM59946v20.0562.01.13NA
TurkeyTurkey 5.00.0363.81.1333
  1. All species-specific assembly metrics derived from the NCBI assembly archive