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Table 2 Measurements and counts from the single male adult specimen of Grimpoteuthis imperator sp. nov. ZMB MOLL 240160. All measurements are provided in millimetres; values in parentheses represent measurements prior to fixation; asterisks denote damaged arm

From: Holistic description of new deep sea megafauna (Cephalopoda: Cirrata) using a minimally invasive approach

  ZMB MOLL 240160
Total length (TL) 287 (290)
Mantle length (ML) 88 (95)
Mantle width (MW) 59 (61)
Head width (HW) 67 (69)
Fin span (FS) 195 (199)
Fin length (FL) 67 (69)
Fin width (FW) 34 (35)
Funnel length (FuL) 20 (21)
Eye diameter (ED) 17 (17)
Arm I length R/L 182/134*
Arm II length R/L 179/164
Arm III length R/L 156/166
Arm IV length R/L 157/157
Arm formula R/L (AF) I.II.IV.III/III.II.IV.I*
Web depth sector A 95
Web depth sector B R/L 95/101
Web depth sector C R/L 87/92
Web depth sector D R/L 82/72
Web depth sector E 78
Web formula R/L (WF) A = B.C.D.E/B.A.C.E.D
Web nodule location 33–34
Maximum sucker diameter (MSD) 3 (3)
Sucker count arm I R/L 73/38*
Sucker count arm II R/L 73/74
Sucker count arm III R/L 69/72
Sucker count arm IV R/L 70/68
Maximum cirrus length (MCL) 3 (3)
Location of proximal cirri between suckers 4–5
Gill diameter (GD) 8.8
Gill lamellae count R/L (GiLC) 8/8