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Table 10 RNAi and 5mC methyltransferase genes in Pgt. For each protein, the identifiers of the allelic proteins on each haplotype are given. Homologs of the Pgt p7a PGTG_13081 and PGTG_13088 dicer proteins were not found in the gene annotation of Pgt 21-0

From: The stem rust fungus Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici induces centromeric small RNAs during late infection that are associated with genome-wide DNA methylation

Gene annotation Identifier Pgt 21-0 proteins Pgt p7a identifier
Argonautes Argonaute 1 PGT21_021399 (chr14A) and PGT21_022388 (chr14B) PGTG_08429
Argonaute 2 PGT21_001976 (chr13A) and PGT21_002123 (chr13B) PGTG_11327
Dicer Dicer 1 PGT21_033256 (chr4A) and PGT21_033881 (chr4B) PGTG_19535
Dicer 2 PGT21_033021 (chr4A) and PGT21_033709 (chr4B) PGTG_19538
Dicer 3 PGT21_029367 (chr6A) and PGT21_028061 (chr6B) PGTG_12289
Dicer 4 PGTG_13081
Dicer 5 PGTG_13088
RdRPs RdRP 1 PGT21_002642 (chr10A) and PGT21_001684 (chr10B) PGTG_20838
RdRP 2 PGT21_009430 (chr15A) and PGT21_009102 (chr15B) PGTG_17766
RdRP 3 PGT21_009651 (chr14A) and PGT21_011158 (chr14B) PGTG_02834
RdRP 4 PGT21_031631 (chr4A) and PGT21_032301 (chr4B) PGTG_05092
RdRP 5 PGT21_031875 (chr8A) and PGT21_035256 (chr16B) PGTG_09533
5mC MTases DNMT1 PGT21_014413 (chr4B) and PGT21_012711 (chr4A) PGTG_03742
DNMT5 PGT21_036642 (chr1A) and PGT21_037052 (chr1B) PGTG_17071