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Table 2 Proportions of young and old Pgt TEs that are methylated in the centromeres and outside the centromeres. Both inside and outside the centromeres, young TEs (> 90% family identity) are preferentially targeted by CG methylation (chi-square test with significance p < 0.00001: ***)

From: The stem rust fungus Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici induces centromeric small RNAs during late infection that are associated with genome-wide DNA methylation

  TEs that are methylated (germinated spores) TEs that are methylated (late infection)
Young TEs in centromeres 1334 (56.1%)*** 1234 (51.9%)***
Old TEs in centromeres 1746 (34.2%) 1604 (31.4%)
Young TEs not in centromeres 16,078 (48.6%)*** 15,297 (46.2%)***
Old TEs not in centromeres 15,914 (12.4%) 14,505 (11.3%)