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Table 1 Comparison of nomenclature of protocerebral pycnogonid brain centers/areas

From: The visual pathway in sea spiders (Pycnogonida) displays a simple serial layout with similarities to the median eye pathway in horseshoe crabs

Hanström [44, 51]

Winter [52]

Lehmann et al. [38, 53]

This study

First-order VN (“Sehmasse”)

First-order VN (“Sehmasse 1”)

First-order VN 1

First-order VN

Second-order VN (“Sehmasse 2”)

Arcuate body (second-order VN)

Corpora pedunculata

First-order VN 2

Antero-median neuropil

Arcuate body

Antero-median tract (part of)

Corpora pedunculata


Dorso-posterior lobe