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Table 3 List of abbreviations used in the study

From: The visual pathway in sea spiders (Pycnogonida) displays a simple serial layout with similarities to the median eye pathway in horseshoe crabs

5HT 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) NUC Nuclear staining
AB Arcuate body ONV Optic nerve
ABL Lower arcuate body layer ORCO Orcokinin
ABU Upper arcuate body layer PBS Phosphate-buffered saline
AE Anterior eye PBTx PBS + Triton X-100
AEL Anterior eye lens PE Posterior eye
AF Autofluorescence PEL Posterior eye lens
AMN Antero-median neuropil PFA Paraformaldehyde
AMT Antero-median tract PNV Proboscis nerve
AST Allatostatin PROC Proctolin
BR Brain R-cell Retinula cell
BRN Central brain neuropil RT Room temperature
CENV (dorsal) cephalon nerve RTA R-cell axon (bundle)
CHNV Celiphore nerve SC Soma cortex
CLSM Confocal laser scan microscopy SVD Sub-visual domain
PDL Dorso-posterior lobe SW Sea water
HIS Histamine SYN Synapsin
ir Immunoreactive TH Tyrosine hydroxylase
LO Lateral sense organ TUB Tubulin
LONV Lateral sense organ nerve VN Visual neuropil
LT Lateral thickening μCT Micro-computed X-ray tomography
MIP Maximum intensity projection