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Editorial Team

Chief Editor: Mirna Kvajo, PhD

New York

Education: BSc, University of Zagreb; PhD, Friedrich Miescher Institute and University of Basel; postdoctoral work, Columbia University Medical Center.


Deputy Editor: Graham Bell, PhD


Education: BSc, The University of Manchester; PhD, University College London/Cancer Research UK; postdoctoral work, University College London/Cancer Research UK.

Senior Editor: Penelope Austin, PhD


Education: MA, University of Cambridge; PhD, University College London/Cancer Research UK; Postdoctoral work, Harvard Medical School.

Associate Editor: Vitor Sousa, PhD


Education: BSc, University of Lisbon; PhD, University of Lisbon/EMBL; postdoctoral work, New York University and INMED France.

Editorial Assistant: Sophie McClarty


Education: BSc, Liverpool John Moores University.