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Table 1 Homologies under three competing models for the origin of eukaryotes

From: An inside-out origin for the eukaryotic cell

Eukaryotic cell structure Autogenous outside-in Endosymbiotic outside-in Inside-out
Inner nuclear membrane Inner surface of fused ER lamellae Plasma membrane of endosymbiont Original plasma membrane
Perinuclear space ER cisterna Food vacuole Footprint of the original cell wall
Outer nuclear membrane Outer surface of fused ER lamellae Food vacuole membrane Inner surface of cytoplasmic blebs
ER Internalized plasma membrane vesicles Internalized plasma membrane vesicles Space between extracellular blebs
Plasma membrane Original plasma membrane Original plasma membrane Outer membrane of extracellular blebs
  1. ER, endoplasmic reticulum.