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Table 3 Characteristics of contigs assembled with length exceeding 10 kb

From: Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis

Contigs Total contigs analysed > 10 kb 1459
Total nucs in contigs analysed 22 Mb
Contigs with CDS 53
Percent contigs with CDS 3.6
CDS Number analysed 135
Average length 3790
Total length 481,369
Exons Number of exons analysed 421
Average Length 174.54
Median Length 112
Total Length 73,482
Average per predicted CDS 3.85
Introns Total introns analysed 271
Average length 1027.14
Median length 598
Total length 278,354
Introns per predicted CDS 2.01
Number/percent conventional 218/80.1
Number/percent intermediate 30/11.1
Number/percent non-conventional 23/8.5
Percent nucleotides in CDS (exon) 0
  1. The contigs were ranked by size and those exceeding 10 kbp extracted and analyzed for length, coding sequence, exon structure and other features