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About BMC

A pioneer of open access publishing, BMC has an evolving portfolio of high quality peer-reviewed journals including broad interest titles such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine, specialist journals such as Malaria Journal and Microbiome, and the BMC series.

At BMC, research is always in progress. We are committed to continual innovation to better support the needs of our communities, ensuring the integrity of the research we publish, and championing the benefits of open research.

BMC is part of Springer Nature, giving us greater opportunities to help authors connect and advance discoveries across the world.

About BMC Biology


BMC Biology is an open access journal publishing outstanding research in all areas of biology, with a publication policy that combines selection for broad interest and importance with a commitment to serving authors well.

BMC Biology’s highly responsive team of professional editors ensure rigorous processes and rapid publication upon acceptance. We are dedicated to supporting our authors by providing global visibility, innovative formats, widespread promotion, and opportunities for impact on future research, practice, and policy. 

What are we looking for? 

BMC Biology is a flagship journal of the BMC series, publishing original research, commentaries and reviews that are either of significant interest to all areas of biology, or provide key advances in a specific field.

Key Highlights

  • Open access provides maximum visibility for your article, making it immediately available to a wide, global audience 
  • Fast turnaround times whilst maintaining rigorous peer review 
  • Global Editorial Board and interdisciplinary group of expert reviewers
  • Wide range of article types 
  • Portable peer review 
  • Promotion via press coverage, email and social media 

Who to Contact:

The in-house Editor should be contacted:

  • If you have any questions regarding ethics, conflicts of interest, or the scope of the journal
  • If you suspect plagiarism, duplicate submission, data fabrication or any other misconduct
  • If you have any questions about your role or the journal in general

The Editorial Office should be contacted:

  • If you require assistance or instructions on how to use our editorial system
  • If you experience any technical difficulties (e.g. links broken, cannot open a file)