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Systems and Tools

Editorial Manager

BMC uses Editorial Manager as its online submission and manuscript management system.

How do I get access to Editorial Manager?

You can access the Editorial Manager page for BMC Biology here

An Editorial Account will have been created for you in preparation for your first assignment. If you have lost your account details, you can have these sent to you by email via the journal’s Editorial Manager site. Please use the 'Send Username/Password' option on the login screen to have these sent to you via email. 

Where can I find Instructions on how to use Editorial Manager?

All information required for your role can be found here. 

Furthermore, a playlist of Training Videos is available on YouTube here. The playlist starts from the beginning of the editorial process and moves automatically to the next one in line via this link. Please note that not all videos are applicable to your role. 

The Springer Nature Reviewer Finder Tool

Springer Nature has developed a new tool to help editors find suitable referees for the manuscripts they handle.

The tool aims to help editors with the task of finding appropriate reviewers. The tool provides a list of potential peer reviewers, information about them and their past publications, based on matching an “under consideration” manuscript with the list of researchers in its database.

How do I get access to the Springer Nature Reviewer Finder?

You can follow the link to

Please note, to log in, you will need a account. If you don’t already have one, you can register for an account using the link at the bottom of the login page. You do not need to be a Nature editor or subscriber to sign-in.

Where can I find instructions on how to use Reviewer Finder?

Further information about the tool, including an FAQ, can be found here.

A user guide is also available from the footer within the tool itself. 

The Springer Nature tool will continue to be developed to ensure the best possible experience for its users.  We encourage you to submit your feedback, using the available Feedback button, to help us improve the tool.


  • Please check the expertise and credentials of any potential peer-reviewers, including ensuring there are no competing interests. 
  • Find (or enter) the details of suitable peer-reviewers in Editorial Manager and invite as normal. All correspondence must be managed through Editorial Manager. The Springer Nature Reviewer Finder tool does not interact directly with Editorial Manager.